Friday, March 29, 2013

Graham's Blessing and Fun!

I have a lot of pictures to post this time! Graham sure is growing fast. I have taken a picture of him every week since was born so you all can see how big he is getting.

 5 weeks old!
5 weeks with Griffin!
 6 weeks old!
 7 weeks old with Griff!
 7 weeks old!
8 weeks old!
 8 weeks old!
 9 weeks old!
 10 weeks old!
 11 weeks old!
 11 weeks with Griff!
 12 weeks old!

 Griff loves his pizza with ranch. He also loves to rub the ranch in his hair.

 It finally snowed in Tennessee. This was Griffin's first time playing in the snow and he had a blast!

 Daddy finally got to rough em all up in the snow!
 Cade enjoying his sled!
 Griff was just so happy to be outside!
 Sweet Graham!

 Kayson had to make a Valentine's Box so he chose to go with Angry Birds-Star Wars.  He did it all himself!

 Thanks to Aunt Tris we have some pretty cool Triops! I think that's what they were called. The kids loved them.  Tris sent them in a box for Christmas. They were just little eggs to begin with and they grew to be pretty cool sea creatures.  The boys loved them!

 How precious is that face!!!
Griff enjoys sitting in Graham's chairs! 

 Even though Griff hits Graham all the time Graham still enjoys the company!

 Graham sure has grown over the past few months.  Its crazy how they get so big so fast!

 Graham has such a sweet personality.  He is such a happy little guy if someone just has a minute to talk to him!

 Star Wars snow fighting!

 Cade is such a good helper.  I can't ever get in a whole workout uninterrupted.  Cade and Kayson had a snow day from school and Cade fed Graham so I could finish working out!
 So Graham was supposed to be the one alseep!!!
 Graham's Blessing Day!!  I wish all the family could give this baby a squeeze! He is way too much fun!
 The best attempt of a family picture. That's as good as it gets!

 Well it was warm for about 3 days and the boys took complete advantage of it! Ya that is all mud!! And they are ALL boy.  Inside the turtle was filled with rain water and the two older boys asked if they could play in it with their toys. I said yes but said don't get dirt in it and don't get muddy.  Well by the time Griffin woke up from his nap this is what had happened. Then they decided that they were going to rub mud all over Griffin's back.  Griff was loving every minute of it!

 My handsome Graham! What a stud!
 This was the next day after the first mud day and Griff starting putting it all over himself.  At least that's what Kayson and Cade said.

 Kayson was on the straight A Honor Roll again!
 Kayson and his teacher Mrs. Brown!

 Ben finally got to go to one of Kayson's award ceremonies after 2 years!
 Kayson was also chosen for Student of the Month for March!

 This was last Sunday!  I thought they both looked so handsome they had to have a photo shoot!

 My four handsome boys!!

 Griffin is so funny when he sleeps! This is how he fell asleep!  And he snores really loud!!
Griffin loves his suckers.  If you have one it's his or else!!